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West Atlantic City Stormwater Improvements

West Atlantic City is a geographically detached portion of Egg Harbor Township situated to the east of the rest of the Township, between the cities of Pleasantville and Atlantic City. It is a narrow, two-mile strip of land bordered to the south by Lakes Bay and to the east by Great Thorofare, both of which are tidal waters. Every year, approximately 20 Northeast storms, as well as 17 tropical storms and hurricanes occur along the Atlantic Coast and cause minor to moderate flooding in the area. Additional flooding is caused by overflow from the outdated stormwater drainage system, where backflow through the pipes at times of high tides causes the drainage ditches to overflow and flood even without rain.

Mott Associates has obtained NJDEP CAFRA and Waterfront Development permits and an Army Corps of Engineer waterfront development permit for the design and construction of upgrading the current stormwater drainage system and dune creation. The project includes installing new inlets and piping, eliminating seventeen (17) current outfalls that discharge into Lakes Bay and be replaced with only five (5) larger outfalls. In addition approximately 20,000 tons of sand dunes will built along the project for additional flood protection The new outfalls will pipes will be larger than the present outfall pipes and will be supported by the latest environmentally safe piling technology. Mott Associates has designed the outfall pipes to be cradled by Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) lumber piles.

These piles will be environmentally safe for the sensitive shell fish habitat of Lakes Bay. Mott Associates was responsible for preparing a wetlands mitigation plan to be created in return of disturbing wetland areas during the construction of the sand dunes. As you can see the wetlands mitigation included over 90,000 plantings along the sand dunes being created. Mott Associates will be responsible for all constructing engineering services to ensure the environmentally sensitive areas are protected and replaced as designed. Construction costs for this project are estimated to be over 2 million dollars. Mott Associates has worked with other State Agencies to obtain over $2,000,000 in funding provided by the State of New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Flood Control Project Grant.