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Municipal Utilities Authority- Authority Engineer

Mott Associates has served as the Authority Engineer for the Egg Harbor Township Municipal Utilities Authority (MUA) from February 2002 to December of 2003 and the Alternate Authority Engineer from December of 2003 to present. Operating on a four million dollar budget, the MUA is responsible for providing public sewerage services to the residents of the Township. The MUA operates and maintains wastewater collection facilities including 43 pump stations, 100 miles of gravity sewer main and 35 miles of sewer force main.

Mott Associates has completed the surveying, drafting and design of approximately 7.21 miles of sanitary sewer gravity main extensions for the MUA within the past year. The firm has inspected and certified all newly constructed sanitary sewer gravity and force mains being installed in Egg Harbor Township in approximately twenty new residential subdivisions. All new sanitary sewer pump stations for the MUA are also inspected and certified by the firm. The firm has drafted a conceptual design plan and cost estimate for 7,000 feet of sanitary sewer gravity main which will service 60 homes in the Farmington area of Egg Harbor Township, through a $160,000 Community Development Block Grant from the N.J. Department of Community Affairs.

Mott Associates has initiated the review and restructuring of the MUA Rules & Regulations, and all adopted policies into an Official Code Manual for the MUA. In addition, the firm has prepared a Sanitary Sewer Master Plan for the MUA which delineates areas in need of service and which will provide the basis for the expansion of all future capital improvements.